Monday, April 12, 2010

A Fast Three Hours

We kicked off the new show on WILK 103.1FM this morning!

It was decided we'd call it "The Morning News with Webster and Nancy." That decision came from WILK management after Times-Shamrock, parent company of the Times-Tribune and Rock107 took the question of who owns my name to court.

They lost.

In the event the case didn't go my way I'd received a lot of suggestions on what we might call the show. Among my favorites? "Nancy and Sluggo", "Nancy and Clancy", "Nancy and Bobby Lynett", and seemingly inspired by the old Tarzan movies, "Nancy and Boy!"

It was a fast three hours today and I'd like to take this opportunity to say thanks to everyone who listened and called and thanks especially to Nancy Kman who is doing all the heavy lifting while I get accustomed to this next step in my alleged career.

At this pace, my next radio job will come the same year my birthday cake has 78 candles but since I plan to hit the Powerball long before that, this radio job will certainly be my last. That said, it's an exciting time and I hope you'll give us a listen tomorrow morning! 103.1FM or listen online at!


Anonymous said...

I listened to most of the show, it sounded great! Congrats

mair_belles said... was great to hear your voice this morning. Best of luck with your new adventure. I'll be listening!

Neil Bytes said...

Great show, Well Done!!

I say no to the makeup. Maybe a little blush.